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Katie Clooney-Reckell

• Title: Meant To Be
• Prompt: Extra Credit-Phone Call
• Genre: Days Of Our Lives
• Claim/Characters: Bo and Hope
• Word Count: 562
• Rating: G
• Notes: As you might have been able to tell, all my prompts are one continous story, so that will include the prompts posted by the mods and the extra credit ones!

It was thunderstorming as Bo sat down to eat dinner. He had made himself a sandwich and macaroni and cheese. To drink, a can of pop. As he sat down to eat, he listened to the rain banging against the windows. His parents were downstairs catering a party held at the pub so he was alone. As he finished his meal up, he thought about Hope. He wondered what she was doing, so after he ate and cleaned up, he decided to give her a call


"Hey Hope, it's me, Bo"

"Hi Bo," Hope said, "How are you?"

"I'm fine," Bo said, plopping down on his bed, "How are you?"

"Oh I'm doing fine, thank you. Is something wrong? Was there a reason for this call?"

"Just to talk to you and hear your voice"

"Bo, you're making me blush," Hope giggled

"That's the point," Bo said, wishing he could see Hope's pretty blushing face right now, "So what do you think about this weather?"

"I like listening to the rain, it's peaceful"

"Unless it's banging on your windows, then it's annoying"

"I'm sorry," Hope responded, "I guess it's not bothering me because it's not banging on my window. You know, it was really nice to see you the other day"

"I liked seeing you as well, though I'd always like seeing you"

"Bo..." Hope giggled

Bo could tell she was blushing again, "Am I making you blush?"

"Yes!" Hope answered, "It's a good thing my father isn't home"

"Where are you at? Like what room in your house?"

"I'm sitting in the parlor. Where are you at?"

"My room. Ma and Pop are catering some party downstairs in the pub"

"Oh that sounds like fun!"

"Not really," Bo sighed, "It seems like it would get kind of boring after awhile. This party has been going on for awhile"

"I'm sorry," Hope said softly. She could sympathesize with Bo. Afterall, that's how she met him, choosing not to go to a boring party

"So Fancy Face, when am I going to see you next?" Bo asked, using the nickname he had given Hope

"I don't know," Hope answered, "When would you like to see me again?"

"How about as soon as possible?" Bo suggested

"I'll think about it," Hope responded

"So you aren't going to tell me now?"

"Nope," Hope giggled, "I have to play hard to get now, don't I?"

Bo sighed, "Fine, fine, so just give me a call in a couple days, ok?"

"Maybe..." Hope teased

"Fancy Face..."


"Are you attempting to mock me perfect rich girl?"

"Well maybe I am. Am I doing a good job?"

"It's a good start"

"You know, I do know-oh dear, Bo, I'm so sorry but I have to go"

"How come?" Bo asked with disappointment in his voice

"I'm so sorry, but my father got home with dinner. I need to go now"

"I understand," Bo responded, "So...I'll talk to you..."

"Wait by your phone, perhaps I'll call you in a few days"

"Oh you will?" Bo asked, pretending to give her a hard time

"Not with that attitude"

"I'm sorry, would my pretty rich girl pretty, pretty please give me a call in a few days?" Bo asked, talking in a different tone

"I just think I will. Goodbye Bo"

"Goodbye Hope. I'll talk to you soon Fancy Face"
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