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• Title: Meant To Be
• Prompt: Extra Credit-Phone Call
• Genre: Days Of Our Lives
• Claim/Characters: Bo and Hope
• Word Count: 562
• Rating: G
• Notes: As you might have been able to tell, all my prompts are one continous story, so that will include the prompts posted by the mods and the extra credit ones!

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c ;; mike erwin is made of awesome

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• Title: Picky, picky.
• Prompt: Nicknames
• Genre: Zoom
• Claim/Characters: Marsha/Jack
• Word Count: 3244
• Rating: PG-13
• Warnings: Adult situations
• Summary: Marsha wants a "Super" nickname and Jack helps her.

A/N: Yeah, totally didn't intend this to turn into having a PG-13 rating at the end. >< Probably the last time I'll be writing something PG-13 for adult situations. -.-

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Title: Concern
Genre: Lost
Characters: Boone and Shannon
Prompt: September 11
Word Count: Dun have one cause my computer sucks. *nods*
Rating: PG for brief language
Disclaimer: I, quite obviously, do not own Lost, Shannon or Boone. Too bad for me :(
Notes: Ha! I am first to post this week! I know my timing is probably way off and this is obviously if no one died. *sobs* Someone please slap me if I'm way OC!

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